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can help you by moving your practice to the private domain

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pma solutions 
a private membership association




pma solutions is a Private Membership Association also known as a pma, operating in the Private Domain under the 1st and 14th Amendments.  We are not lawyers or a law firm however, our pma status allows us to provide legal guidance to private members of our private association. Anyone can become a member, everyone is welcome. Click here for more information.


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To give you a better understanding of a pma; what it is and how it works, we'll start with a common example.


In the field of natual wellness and healing many practioners tell us they may be at high risk of being wrongfully accused of practicing medicine without a license. Whenever non-conventional treatments or modalities are used, it can draw attention and that attention can easily turn into negative curiosity. Even when these treatments are improving health and happiness and not causing negative effects, the practioner can come under scrutiny by agencies such as the state medical board or the FDA.


The fear of being wrongfully accused and encountering sometimes extraordinary legal defense costs causes practioners to "stay off the radar screen" and avoid many of the beneficial treatments and modalities that can truly help their clients.


A pma is a private membership association operating in the private domain according to the constitution. Natural health practioners as in the example above, have a choice to operate in either the public or the private domain.


In the public domain she is subject to the scrutiny of those agencies and laws that are designed to protect the public. An LLC, LP, or other publicly registered company or corporation are some examples of the public domain. The unlicensed practice of medicine in the public domain is a serious and costly issue.  It can even mean jail time for the practioner.


Private Membership Associaiton

In the private domain under a pma, the same practioner can operate outside the jursdiction of local, state and federal agencies and not be subject to the licensing laws that are designed to protect the public domain.


This does not mean that one can commit crimes and violate others, but according to the supreme law of the land, they can conduct business or "economic activity" that is "not confined to any field of human interest" with private members of their private association, so long as "there is not a clear and present danger of substantive evil.


This allows true 1st and 14th amendment pma's to legally offer their private members the benefits of natural health treatments, integrative medicine, leading edge dental, financial, legal and other types of services, without a license and even if the treatment or service is not approved for the public domain.


The concept of a PMA or private membership association, comes from our own Constitution and over the decades has been further reinforced by the Supreme Court in over 100 cases.  Although not widely publicized, it is one of our constitutional rights.


Please contact us for more information about how you can set up your own Private Membership Association.




what we do

for our members...


pma solutions offers a variety of services to our private members including customizing a pma to suit your business and professional needs; or we can help you create your new Joint Stock Company for total asset protection and federal estate tax exemption; set up your charitable remainder trust/irrevocable living trust to preserve income with legal tax exemption and deferment as well as asset protection






Programs for Private Members

Private Membership Associations​​​​ (PMA): We provide you with the documentation, consultation and guidance, and provide lifetime of association pro se legal backup and defense if needed. 

Texas Joint Stock Company with Revocable Living Trust: Asset protection, judgment proof assets 

Charitable Remainder Trust: Income protection​​​​​

Foreclosure Defense:  If you are being threatened with loss of your family home, or already lost it, you may have legal remedies available.



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