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Greater New York City Area

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ProAdvocate Group

PMA from Frisco, TX

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pma solutions
As Managing Trustee of pma solutions I thank you for visiting our site and encourage you to keep an open mind as you navigate through the information provided for member educational purposes only.  If you are not already a member, we invite you to contact us to learn more about how a pma helps our member doctors, technicians and other practioners, protect themselves from unwarranted inquiries by exercising their constitutional rights and freedoms.
pma solutions is a local chapter of ProAdvocate Group.  Our primary focus is currently in the health care industry and in particular, helping naturopaths, integrative and holistic doctors and other health care practioners, operate their business in a legally protected fashion to help protect them from unwarranted legal attacks.

pma solution's focus is to help educate practioners so they can better understand their constitutional rights to privacy and open the door for them to diagnose, treat and educate their patients/private members the way they believe they should be treated, without outside interference or threats.


The PMA or Private Membership Association, in the private domain, offers constitutional shelters from which practioners can treat private members using treatments and modalities not allowed in the public domain.


pma solutions helps members customize their pma to fit their needs whether in the health care field, finance, legal services, or any other industry.


For information and a confidential discussion of your needs, please contact us today to learn more about your constitutional rights and how a PMA can help you.










It All Started With ProAdvocate Group PMA

ProAdvocate Group was formed in April, 2003.  As a private membership association their mission was teaching and supporting principles of making the law work for us, the people, and not against us.  Their expertise was been acquired over 40 years of intense research and unprecedented success in these specialized, complex and yet basic legal principles.


ProAdvocate Group knew the risks facing small business and positioned its members to be in an offensive mode regarding legal challenges, asset protection and professional safeguards.


Membership programs were, and still are today, designed to educate and guide members in the areas that most legal professionals are often reluctant or unable to address, for various professional reasons. 


Let pma solutions help you find the proper legal strategies for your problems and peace of mind. We are founded upon legal principles that are backed by book, chapter and verse of legal rulings, regulations and Supreme Court interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. We teach and support the inherent rights of DUE PROCESS and EQUAL PROTECTION under the law.


pma solutions is not reinventing the wheel.  We simply show you how to take full advantage of laws and remedies already in place in order to implement defense strategies against those who attempt to do you harm.  We teach you how to take control through knowledge. Contact us today.



PMA Solutions is a private membership association.  The information contained on this website is for the use of our private members only.  Please contact us for information on becoming a member.  Thank you.

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